Donohoe Pediatrics is a concierge-style, membership-based, direct primary care (DPC) practice.  That means we work for you.  Not for insurance companies or employers or big hospital systems.  Just you.  This is a fundamental difference from what has become the norm in primary care medicine.

By removing the administrative burden and red tape that come along with 3rd party payers, we make access to your doctor and the entire experience of care amazingly simple.  Here is how it works:

 Patients join the practice by paying a one-time family registration charge of $250 followed by a monthly, per-child membership fee.  The monthly fee varies by the age of the child.

price card_092018.png

*5% discount for paying annually

The membership fee includes: 

  • All well-child visits

  • Unlimited sick visits (acute or chronic care)

  • Unlimited phone, email consultations

  • Newborn well visits (first 3 visits) in your home

  • Direct access to your doctor

  • Most office tests (urinalysis, strep test, flu swab)

  • School/camp/physical forms

  • Longer, unhurried appointments

  • House calls (for extra charge)

  • Convenient scheduling

  • Comprehensive care (coordination with specialists, follow-up visits, etc.)

  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a board-certified, experienced, thoughtful pediatrician who is managing the health and wellness of your children

Thinking about joining Donohoe Pediatrics but have some additional questions?  Check out our FAQ page or contact us.